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Facebook Showcases


Small Makers Post "Sun of a Beach" market

Friday 7/21 @ 8pm EST

Wild Roots Handmade Market "Fairyland" market

Saturday 8/12 @ 1pm EST

How to Shop:

Showcases are online markets held in private Facebook groups where only approved designers are allowed to list their items. To shop a showcase, request to join the private group ahead of the showcase time. Information about how to shop each showcase will be posted in the group leading up to the event. I also post sneak peeks in the group where you can request a tag on my items. If you have trouble locating my items during the showcase, please send me a message! When the showcase starts, claim with your email on my sale listings and you will receive an invoice for your items. Many of the items that I make for showcases aren't offered anywhere else so don't miss out!

Group Links:

The Small Maker’s Post

Click here:

Once a month on Friday at 8pm EST. Alternate between markets (RTS & MTO) and auctions (OOAK RTS only). Markets run until Sunday at 8pm EST and auctions run until Saturday at 8pm EST.

Wild Roots Handmade Market

Click here:

Once a month on Saturday at 1pm EST - 10pm EST.

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