*Wholesale* Gloria | White Christmas Floral Bows

A white floral bow made from vintage fabric. Featuring tiny red holly berries, large white flowers, and beautiful green leaves, this print is perfect for Christmas. Available as a Half-Pint bow, Little Miss bow, Mighty Miss bow, Mini Missy bow, Missy bow, Half-Pint piggies, Little Miss piggies, and snap clip.

*Wholesale* Gloria | White Christmas Floral Bows

  • Half-Pint: 3" x 1.5" (piggies = set of 2)

    Little Miss: 3" x 2" (piggies = set of 2)

    Mighty Miss: 5" x 3"

    Mini Missy: 5" x 3"

    Missy: 5.5" x 6"

    Snap Clip: 2" x 5/8"